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EPO – Boards of appeal and key decisions 2014

06 Jun 2014

Conference for patent law professionals 8 and 9 October 2014 European Patent Office, The Hague

"The EPO boards of appeal are one of the most influential voices in Europe when it comes to the interpretation of patent law. Once a year, the boards deliver unique insight into their case law practice at the Boards of appeal and key decisions conference.

"This event, organised for the first time in The Hague, offers an extraordinary opportunity to meet chairmen, legally and technically qualified members of the boards of appeal, as well as the chairman of the Enlarged Board of Appeal. Talks will cover late-filed requests, added matter, clarity and sufficiency of disclosure. The technical fields addressed will be the perennial favourite computer-implemented inventions and, for the first time, therapeutic and surgical methods.

"The programme, which leaves plenty of time and opportunity for discussion, includes a mock trial on the first afternoon to highlight the dos and don'ts at oral proceedings before a board of appeal."

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