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Promoting the equitable and efficacious handling of patent disputes across Europe

EPLAW was formed in 2001 as a non-profit making Association.

Members are lawyers admitted to a bar or similar law society in a country in the European Economic Area (and also including Switzerland) and must have substantial experience in the conduct of patent litigation cases to trial.

Benefits of joining us

By joining EPLAW as a member, you will become part of a dedicated organisation consisting of experienced patent lawyers in the European community with the aim of promoting the equitable and efficacious handling of patent disputes across Europe.

Networking Opportunities

EPLAW provides a platform for patent lawyers to network and interact with peers and experts in the field.

Continuing Professional Development

EPLAW often organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences on various aspects of European patent law. These events offer members the chance to stay updated with the latest developments, case law, and changes in patent regulations.

Legal Updates and Publications

Members of EPLAW receive access to exclusive legal updates, newsletters, and publications on European patent law. This helps them stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the field.

Advocacy and Representation

EPLAW actively advocates for the interests of patent lawyers in Europe. As a member, you can have a collective voice in influencing policy decisions and changes in patent law.

Training and Education

EPLAW offers specialised training and educational resources to its members and judges, enhancing their expertise and skills in patent law practice.

Access to Resources

Members may gain access to an extensive library of resources related to European patent law, including case studies, precedents, and legal opinions.

EPLAW Patent Blog

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