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UPC – 'Unified Patent Protection in Europe: A Commentary' still available as eBook

30 Nov 2022

Readers wishing to up their knowledge on the UPC in view of 1 April 2023, might have noticed that the hard copy version of the book ‘Unified Patent Protection in Europe: A Commentary’, by Winfried Tilmann and Clemens Plassman is regularly sold out.

However, there are still eBook versions available from various vendors. Also, it might be worth to keep checking the various book merchant websites regularly, as hard copy versions (new and used) do pop there from time to time.

The blurb:

“The creation of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is the most prominent change in the European legal landscape for the last four decades. This book explains how the new system works in practice and how to make the best use of its provisions. It offers readers an in-depth and comprehensive commentary on the legal mechanisms of the upcoming ratified European Patent Law, and advice on potential problems that users of the forthcoming regulations may face.

“The book first describes the creation of the Unified European Patent Law and how its four new legislative texts interact. The new legislative texts are then explained and commented on in detail, rule by rule, with diverse approaches and perspectives from a practitioner team comprising patent litigators, European patent attorneys, law professors and patent judges. The Commentary takes into account the practical needs of users of the new system on both the prosecution and enforcement sides, addressing substantive and procedural problems.

“This book is the most authoritative text on the Unitary Patent and Unified Patents Court, and an invaluable tool for practitioners in this rapidly developing area of law.”

Authors: Winfried Tilmann, Emeritus Law Professor, University of Heidelberg, Clemens Plassman, Partner, Hogan Lovells