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UPC – Panasonic v. Xiaomi Technology

10 Apr 2024

Odiporo GmbH, Xiaomi Technology Netherlands B.V., Xiaomi Technology Germany GmbH, Xiaomi Technology France S.A.S., Xiaomi Technology Italy S.R.L., Shamrock Mobile GmbH, Court of Appeal – Luxembourg (LU), 9 April 2024, Case No. ORD_18690/2024

In appeal proceedings, Chapter 2 – Service (Rules 270 – 279) of the Rules of Procedure (RoP) applies mutatis mutandis. Consequently, if during the proceedings at the Court of First Instance, Rule 271.1 RoP applied (in short: an electronic address for service was provided by the defendant or his representative) and/or a representative of the respondent accepted service on behalf of the respondent, then pursuant to R.271.2 RoP further service – not only in the proceedings at first instance, but also in appeal proceedings – shall be effected within the closed electronic system of the UPC Case Management System (CMS).

The Order can be read here.