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UPC – Live Broadcast 'Opt-out Day' Monday 6 June 9.30 am CEST

03 Jun 2016

Live Broadcast French UJUB  ‘Opt-out Day’ Monday 6 June from 9.30 am CEST to to 5 pm CEST

Pierre Véron, Véron & Associés, reports the following:

The French UJUB (Union pour la Juridiction unifiée du brevet; Union for the Unified Patent Court), the association founded in Paris by all the French professionals interested into the success of the Unified Patent Court (patent lawyers, patent attorneys, SME, businesses) organizes an Opt-out Day next Monday 6 June 2016 from 9:30 am CEST to 5 pm CEST.

During the morning session an introduction to the law on the opt-out and its uncertainties will be given, then senior IP executives from Ericsson, Robert Bosch GmbH and Sanofi will explain their strategic thoughts about opting out, and a presentation on the opt-out procedure according to the Rules of Procedure and the Case Management System currently under development will be given by the Preparatory Committee’s staff.

The afternoon will be devoted to a mock trial on the validity of an opt-out (the storyboard features a patent holder, a big pharma company, having made a dubious opt-out in a romantic context and a third party, a generic company, bringing a revocation action before the UPC Central Division; the big pharma company declines UPC’s jurisdiction arguing it properly opted out; the generics company pleads that the opt-out was not correct such that UPC has jurisdiction).

The issue of competence being in the jurisdiction of the judge-rapporteur, the case will be heard by a single judge (Ms Courboulay, the senior presiding judge of the tribunal de grande instance de Paris for IP matters).

The event is already fully booked, with more than 300 participants, but it will be broadcast live Monday 6 June on the website: (where also the program and material of the mock trial is available for download).

The video recording will be also available after the event through the same website (by the way the former UJUB’s UPC mock trials in Paris in 2014 and 2015 are still available on line).