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​UPC – Information on new CMS Functionality – My Legal Team

01 Dec 2023

Message from the UPC

“Users are informed that, as of 28 November 2023, the “My Legal Team” functionality is available on the Case Management System (CMS)

“As of 28 November 2023, users of the Court’s CMS will be able to cooperate on the system, via the “My Legal Team” functionality.

“This functionality allows for representatives and other users such as legal assistants, to gain access and work on cases before the Court. This functionality will be available for ongoing cases, for which the representatives already working on proceedings will be able to manage “My legal Team”.

“All new cases will also be created with the “My Legal Team” functionality integrated as from the start of the case.

A detailed guide on how to create and manage a “Legal Team” within CMS is herein provided: HowTo_Define_Use_MyLegalTeam