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UPC – CMS under pressure due to amount of opt-outs being filed

12 May 2023

Today, a message appeared on the Unified Patent Court website, stating:

“Dear Users,

“As you are aware, we are getting close to the end of the sunrise period.

“The resulting acceleration of the pace of opt-outs being filed during these last weeks means that the CMS is now under considerable pressure.

“This pressure has caused a slowing down of its functionalities, sometimes even impeding the filing of opt-outs.

“To ensure that users can proceed as planned, we, at the Court and together with our providers, are giving maximum attention to this capacity issue, working towards its improvement.

“We understand that the delays that some may experience are triggering concern, which we are doing our best to address in the upcoming days. We will come back with further communication on this issue as soon as possible.”

The original message can be read here.