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UPC – Book: A Practitioner's Guide to the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent

22 Dec 2022

‘A Practitioner’s Guide to the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent’, is the recently published book authored by Paul England, Taylor Wessing

Paul England:

“The book aims to provide practical and detailed advice on all aspects of the system for those using it. The book explains how the UPC system works in the context of the wider European patent system, including the UK, and how parties can use it to enforce or revoke European patents and the Unitary Patent, in particular:

– The procedures of the UPC from initiating proceedings to appeal, damages and costs hearings;
– Rules on competence, substantive law, jurisdiction, language and judges;
– The operation of the system alongside the national courts of the contracting countries, the European Patent Office opposition and appeal procedure, and parallel English Patents Court proceedings.

“The book is written for private practitioners and in-house counsel by a team of patent experts with many years of experience in patent litigation in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. It provides insights from national approaches to the features above and gives answers to common problems.”

The book is available here.