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Past EPLAW President and Honorary Member Pierre Véron announced the publication of the 100th decision of the UPC

Mr. Véron writes:

“The Unified Patent Court has published yesterday its 100th decision (handed down on 10 January 2024 by the Court of Appeal, it relates to the intervention of third parties in a case about access to the parties’ written pleadings).

It can be found, with all the decisions made publicly available by the UPC, on this page

The majority (58/100) are in German language, but this page provides a machine translation in English for all of them.

Less decisions (33/100) are in English language.

The 7 decisions in Italian and the 2 decisions in Dutch come with a machine translation in English.

The page allows searching in the content of the decisions in full text, in all the languages of the decisions, or in the fields of the description sheet (date, parties, case number, decision number, type of action, court and division, language of proceedings) or by combining full text search and description search.

Access to and use of this page are entirely free of charge.

Should you have any comment or suggestion for improving this tool, do not hesitate to let me know.

This other page of my website is still active it allows downloading freely the trilingual booklet DE/EN/FR comprising Unitary Patent Regulations, Unified Patent Court Agreement and Rules of Procedure, the Brussels Ibis Regulation and the UPC’s table of fees.”