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Patent app VPATAPP in Android Play Store store

Maker Vijaykumar Shivpuje contacted the EPLAW Patent Blog to present the Android based mobile application called 'VPATAPP'. This app is available free of cost on Android Play Store. 

The app provides links for

1. Worldwide patent blogs from different regions like USA, Europe, BRIC, Latin America, Africa, and Asia-pacific including India;
2.  Worldwide full time LLM/Masters/ Graduate courses in IP;
3.  Journals in the area of Intellectual Property Law especially patents;
4.  Weekly or monthly official gazettes or registers published by different patent offices across the world;
5.  Patent classification systems;
6.  Patent search websites available from patent offices across the world;
7.  Updated full text patent acts of different countries as published by the patent offices or WIPO.

The blog list also includes EPLAW Patent blog (described as as eppatent law blog, which error will be corrected in the next version).

The current version is a trial version and the makers welcome all suggestions for improvement:

You may see the app here.