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News – Registration now open – The Global Series – Federal Circuit Bar Association / EPLAW Conference

15 Sep 2016

The Global Series, Europe 2016 Session, Paris, France, 13-14 October 2106

Registration for this forthcoming Federal Circuit Bar Association / EPLAW conference is now open. EPLAW members will receive a discount of the fee.

“Global Series sessions address topics of global significance at a senior level of discussion. The sessions explore the intersection of innovation and governance (both in intellectual property and in trade). To that end, the Series works closely with government representatives, adjudicators, corporate leaders, litigation leaders, academics, and others in a continuing focus on key topics. Many challenges are common to global systems. Topics are identified by those participating in the on-going dialogue and in the session venues and are coordinated by Global Series leadership.

Topics currently under consideration for Global Series – Europe include:
• The Corporate Perspectives: Innovation, Quality, Enforceability
• Intellectual Property Adjudication – The View from the Bench
• Innovation, Quality, Enforceability — Patenting
• Patent Litigation in the United States
• Patenting Strategies: The Counsel (Corporate and Private)
• Innovation and Trade Secrets: Judicial and Administrative Systems
• Trade, Economics, and IP: Europe, UK, and US
• Trade and Trade Agreements: Europe, UK, and US
• Adjudicatory Change: The Post-Brexit UPC/UPS Landscape
• Special Issues Concerning International Licensing of Intellectual Property, including Antitrust, Standard Essential
Patents and International Exhaustion
• The Series’ “Most Challenging” Globally: Injunction and Damages
• Innovation Pro Bono

For more information and registration, please click here.