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Saahil Dama and Devvrat Joshi announce the launch of a new journal on IP law, Journal of Intellectual Property Studies

“It is with immense pride that we are announcing the launch the inaugural issue of the Journal of Intellectual Property Studies, which can be accessed on our website – In the first issue, we have had the honour of publishing articles written by Mr. Utsav Mukherjee, Professor Mark A. Lemley, Dr. K.M. Waziri & Mrs. O.W. Awomolo, Dr. Alexandra George, Dr. Marcela Palacio Puerta, and a law review interview by Dr. Srividhya Ragavan.

“The Journal has been established with the goal of disseminating high-quality literature on intellectual property and technology laws. The Journal aims to play a constructive role in shaping discussions in the subject-area and encouraging debate on issues of vital importance. To this end, the Journal espouses ideals of open access so that it can reach the widest audience possible.”