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News – Global Series – September 2017 / Sponsoring opportunities

25 Jul 2017

Global Series, special session London, 25 and 26 September

From the information letter:

“Today, fundamental challenges are confronting commerce, trade, and intellectual property. Precisely because of those rapidly emerging challenges, Global Series 2017 Europe hosts a special session on September 25 and 26, 2017, in London.
The Global Series pursues the interests of the justice system as they relate to international trade, intellectual property, innovation, and the betterment of societies. The Series 2017 Special Session is an outreach of Global Series partners, EPLAW, and the Federal Circuit Bar Association.”

“To engage serious dialogue, join corporate policy and legal leaders, government representatives in trade and intellectual property, trade and patent adjudicators, patent office leaders, and others. Participants include judges of the Federal Circuit, the United States District Courts, other courts, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Intellectual Property High Court of Japan, The Presiding Judge of the German Federal Court of Justice, and others. Judges from the Republic of Korea and Europe are also invited.”

“Sponsor only receptions and dinners frequently accompany the sessions. The sessions customarily include a blend of plenary exchanges of significance to the entire audience; focus discussions explore specific critical topics identified by the on-going Series’ communities through the agenda development process. In pursuit of the serious exchange of views envisioned in the Series, interactive discussions are encouraged.”

The programme as well as more information can be found here.