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News – Book: Intellectual Property and the Judiciary

27 Nov 2018

Intellectual Property and the Judiciary, European Intellectual Property Institute Network series, Elgar, edited by Christophe Geiger, Craig Allen and Xavier Seuba

“Intellectual Property and the Judiciary explores the role of the judiciary in the elaboration and interpretation of intellectual property law, exploring how IP doctrine and policy are developed and the manner in which judges construct and apply norms in different court systems. The authors engage in a comparative exploration of various national, European and international judiciaries and appraise the competing and complementary roles of governing bodies. The book offers an examination of both common law and civil law traditions in the context of judicial treatment of intellectual property.”

Part I – Intellectual Property and European Courts

Section 1 – Intellectual Property and the European Court of Human Rights
Section 2 – Intellectual Property and the Court of Justice of the European Union
Section 3 – Intellectual Property and the Unified Patent Court
Section 4 – Intellectual Property and European Quasi-Judicial Bodies (EPO, EUIPO, CPVO)

Part II – Intellectual Property and the courts in the United States and Japan

Part III – Intellectual Property and International Adjucation

The introduction and first chapter of the book are free to read here on Elgaronline.

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Contributors: V. Cassiers, T. Cottier, M. Ekvad, S. Frankel, C. Geiger, D. Gervais, S. Granata, J. Griffiths, E. Izyumenko, T. Kandeva, S. Luginbuehl, B.M.G. Lynn, S. Martin, C. Mulder, M. Müller, C.A. Nard, K.M. O’Malley, C.S. Petersen, A. Plomer, J. Schovsbo, X. Seuba, A. Strowel, T. Takenaka, A. von Mühlendahl, G. Würtenberger, P.K. Yu