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Improved Patent Information Disclosure and Access for Incremental Innovation

Nefissa Chakroun, LLM, PhD, Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), UK and Senior Public Service Counsellor

From the blurb: “This book investigates whether it is possible to execute the disclosed technologies just by reading the patent application. Nefissa Chakroun argues that while TRIPS Agreement obliges inventors to disclose full and complete disclosure, patent information users lack the capacity to fully utilise such information for their economic development. The book offers a critical analysis of the disclosure requirements of the patent system as well as an in-depth examination of the ways in accessing and retrieving patent information. Chakroun articulates proposals for strengthening the disclosure and methods for enhancing retrieval and exploitation of the technological knowledge, including an integrated policy on how patent information could be better utilised for development.”

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