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EPLAW – Webinar: Overview of the New System

25 Mar 2022

On Wednesday 23 March 2022 EPLAW held a second webinar in its webinar series dedicated to the UPC. This webinar, entitled: “Overview of the new system” gave the most recent update on timing and progress, an overview of the various sources of law, and a synopsis of the structure and possible actions, processes & timelines of the new Court.

The speakers were: Myles Jelf (EPLAW President, Bristows, UK), Cordula Schumacher (Arnold Ruess, DE), Mark van Gardingen (Brinkhof, NL). Special guest was Alexander Ramsay (Chairman of the UPC Administrative Committee, SE).

EPLAW has launched a series of webinars for its members dedicated to the UPC in view of the entering into force on 19 January 2022 of the Protocol on Provisional Application of the UPC Agreement, marking the start of the Provisional Application Period (PAP). The first webinar (“Preparations for the UPC”) about opting out/in, filing strategies and what to do with license agreements took place on 9 February.

[EPLAW webinars are held under the Chatham House Rule: anyone who comes to a meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made any comment]