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DE – SISVEL v. Qingdao Haier Group – first German injunction after CJEU FRAND decision

13 Nov 2015

SISVEL Wireless Patent Portfolio v. Qingdao Haier Group, Düsseldorf Regional Court, 3 November 2015, Cases 4a O 93/14 and 4a O 144/14, with thanks to ARNOLD RUESS, for sending in a summary in English

On 3 November 2015, the Düsseldorf Regional Court has issued two judgments against Haier Deutschland GmbH and the Haier Europe Trading SRL, entities of Chinese Qingdao Haier Group, and ordered them to cease and desist from, render account on and to pay damages for past infringements (Cases 4a O 93/14 and 4a O 144/14). The judgments are based on the German parts of the patents EP 0 852 885 and EP 1 264 504 and belong to the SISVEL Wireless Patent Portfolio. The judgements can be, but have not yet been appealed.

Read the entire summary here.