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DE – Collagenase I and II and Colour delivery system

23 Jun 2014

Collagenase I and II (GRUR 2014, 461 + 462) and Colour delivery system – Pharmaceutical applications and expertise in the case of inventive step

It may come as a susrpise that the decisions Collagenase I and II delivered in relation to the scope of application for further pharmaceutical applications are presented together with the decision "Colour delivery system" (judgment of 11.3.2014, case no.: X ZE 139/10). As regards the question of the extent to which expertise should be drawn on when examining the obviousness of inventions, the decisions reveal a new, overarching point of view. This is the reason for dealing wiht them jointly.

Read the entire summary provided by Preu Bohlig & Partner (in English) here.

Read the decisions (in German) here:

Kollagenase I
Kollagenase II